Central Semiconductor’s TVS protects USB 3.1/Thunderbolt data lines



Central Semiconductor has released the CFTVS5V0BULC ultra-low capacitance 5.0V bi-directional TVS in the space saving SOD-882L surface mount package. This device provides up to 15kV of transient voltage protection for high speed USB 3.1, Thunderbolt and HDMI 2.0 interfaces. The CFTVS5V0BULC’s low 0.35pF maximum capacitance is a critical characteristic in preventing signal degradation.

The CFTVS5V0BULC provides designers with an energy efficient data line protection device in an ultra-small footprint of less than 0.69 square-millimeters, with an extremely low 0.4 millimeter profile, making it ideal for the latest small format electronic products such as wearable electronics and portable medical products. Since TVS devices operate primarily in the stand-by mode, low reverse leakage current (IR) or idle current is essential for energy efficiency. The CFTVS5V0BULC features a maximum IR of 100nA making it a leading product in its class.

Pricing for the CFTVS5V0BULC starts at US$0.082 each for 8,000 pieces packaged on 7 inch tape and reel. Samples are available upon request.

Central Semiconductor