CIMCON Granted Wi-SUN Certification


Joins the Wi-SUN Alliance to Further Interoperability in Smart City, Utilities, and Internet of Things Markets

CIMCON has been granted Wi-Sun Certification for its smart lighting controllers. Wi-SUN certification validates CIMCON's interoperability with standard based field area networks and head-end equipment used to deliver a secure Internet of Things (IoT) for smart city applications. With this certification, CIMCON's smart lighting controls have been certified to work with other Wi-SUN v1.0 standard solutions including Cisco's Resilient Mesh.

Wi-SUN Certified products have undergone rigorous testing by Wi-SUN's independent Authorized Test Laboratories. The Wi-SUN certification means that a product has been tested for conformance to the relevant protocol standards and for interoperability with a range of other Wi-SUN certified equipment operating in the same frequency band.

In addition to receiving the Wi-SUN certification, CIMCON has also joined the Wi-SUN Alliance. The Wi-SUN Alliance is focused on accelerating the implementation of smarter cities and utilities by enabling the global adoption of interoperable solutions based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and other related open standards. Joining the alliance is a natural fit for CIMCON, whose smart lighting and controls technology are compatible with Wi-SUN and other network protocols in a growing number of smart cities and utilities around the world.

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