C&K extends smart-card connector life for demanding smart-meter applications


Rugged smart card connectors offer SIM/SAM card acceptance and RoHS compliance

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The CCM03 series smart-card connectors from C&K Components is available in fixed-cover and hinged-cover versions.

C&K Components has developed the CCM03 series of smart-card connectors for smart-meter applications. These new devices are compatible with SIM/SAM cards and are available in hinged- or fixed-cover designs. The connectors are compatible with standard pick-and-place and lead-free SMT soldering processes. With a vibration frequency rating of 10 to 500Hz, a mechanical life of up to 50,000 cycles in fixed-cover configurations, and 10,000 cycles for hinged-cover variants, the CCM03 series connectors are well suited for smart-meter applications. Available in either six- or eight-contact versions, the CCM03 series smart-card connectors feature a spoon design that maximizes contact area. The CCM03-3001 features an inlay deposit on the contact area, while the CCM03-3754 and 3013 models contain gold-plated contacts and detectable switch/blade functionality. "The CCM03 series satisfies all the design and application requirements of the smart-meter industry, among many other markets where quality of detection is key," said Jean-Michel Bourin, business development director for C&K Components. "These rugged smart-card connectors are easily integrated, offer extended life spans, and deliver high performance." The different configurations the CCM03 series offers make it useful for identification, point-of-sale, automotive, and handheld product applications. The RoHS-compliant CCM03 series has an operating temperature range of -40 to +85 °C, supporting smart-meter applications that require rugged and reliable connectors. C&K Components Product deep link