C&K Offers Largest, Most Versatile DIP Switch Line Available



C&K Components, a leading international supplier of tact switches, toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches, and smart card interconnect devices, offers an extended family of DIP switches that meets a wide variety of applications, including address switches for industrial controls, logic switching in computers, and function controlling for numerous applications. "Our DIP switch family continues to grow with features such as side actuators, low profiles, single-in line package, coded rotary and half-pitch options, offering design engineers superior flexibility in specifying a DIP switch for a particular design," said Gary Mountford, General Manager, C&K Components. The C&K DIP switch family includes 10 different series: The BD Series offers standard, traditional, full-profile DIP switches with extended actuators for easy actuation. Their open-bottom construction allows for solder washing without the need for a tap seal. The BPA Series is a side-actuated model available in thru-hole or surface-mount versions. The high-pressure contact system does not require tape seal for washing. The CD Series provides 8mm coded rotary switches that are process-sealed to withstand soldering and cleaning. Available in thru-hole and surface-mount models, the compact size is 36% smaller than traditional 10mm DIP switches, and crisp, positive detent ensures actuation, which makes them ideal for address switching applications, data storage devices, instrumentation, and computer and peripheral applications. The CRD Series provides the same process-sealed coded rotary switches as the CD Series, also with crisp detent, but in a standard 10mm size, popular for data storage devices, address switching applications, instrumentation and computer and peripheral applications. The RTE Series low-profile rotary DIP switches provide improved contrast marking and lifespan as opposed to others on the market. They feature a wider variety of positions as well as coding, shaft and termination combinations for increased versatility in timer, automation component, computer, alarm, access control and instrumentation applications. The SD Series, also low profile, is available in thru-hole and surface-mount models, with either sealed flush or sealed extended actuators, in tape-and-reel packaging. The SDA Series, another low-profile DIP switch with thru-hole and surface-mount models, is available with both flush and extended actuators and provides high-pressure contact that does not require tape seal for washing. The SPA Series comprises thin single in-line package switches, available in vertical and right-angle models that save board space. Special features include retention that holds the part to the board prior to soldering and a high-pressure contact system that does not require tape sealing. The TDA Series is ultra-miniature, surface-mount, half-pitch DIP switches that provide bifurcated contacts for increased electrical reliability. Additionally, the switches are process-sealed for both surface-mount soldering and washable-processing, making them idea for hand-held electronics devices, portable computer devices and instrumentations and controls. The TDP Series is the world's first ultra-miniature surface-mount, half-pitch, side-actuated DIP switches. Side actuation allows visual indication of on/off positions in horizontal applications, which makes them ideal for hand-held electronic devices, portable computer devices and instrumentation and controls. For more information about C&K's family of DIP switches, please visit www.ck-components.com/product-list-page,21084,en.html. www.ck-components.com