Class D amplifier from Apex Microtechnology improves power delivery for brush-type motors



Focusing on improving output efficiencies for Class D "switching" amplifiers used to drive brush-type motors, Apex Microtechnology, Inc, has introduced the SA160DP. Designed as a complete H-bridge solution, the SA160DP features a very low RDS(ON) of 140m? (typical) over the full operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. This results in nearly 50 percent less heat dissipation in comparison to the closest competition - also an Apex PWM amplifier, the SA60. "The SA160DP raises the performance level for single-packaged, small-foot print amplifier solutions capable of driving brushless motors in the 1-2HP range, "explains Jens Eltze, Technical Marketing Engineer. "The SA160DP sends up to 800 watts of power to the load with 97 percent output efficiency using its combination of 80 volt supply operation and 10 amps of output current. An even higher 1.2 kilo watt of power is possible with the 14 amp rated A Grade model." The PWM switching signal for both the SA160DP and SA160DPA can be internally generated, and is programmable up to 125kHz using an external integrator capacitor. Both devices can also be controlled by external switching signals up to 250kHz. Smart low-side and high-side drive circuitry is self-contained. For current users of the Apex SA60 who choose to upgrade their next generation design to the SA160DP/SA160DPA, both devices are drop-in, pin compatible replacements busing the same 12-pin PowerSIP "DP" style package. This Power SIP is isolated to allow direct heat sinking and offers space-efficient vertical mounting possibilities to provide a footprint measuring less than 0.3 inches square. An alternative "EE" package style features 90° bent leads for mounting situations where the PCB and heatsink are in parallel. Pricing, Availability and Evaluation Tools Both the SA160DP and SA160DPA are available in sample quantities for evaluation and prototyping, as well as volume production. Per unit pricing for the SA160DP is $120.80 in 1,000 quantities and $172.56 for the SA160DPA. EK-SA160DP is the new microcontroller-based evaluation kit currently in development for the SA160DP/SA160DPA and it includes a demonstration board, heatsink and all necessary hardware to provide out-of-the-box functionality for quick and immediate evaluation. Apex Microtechnology