CogniPower patent portfolio expands



The fundamental Predictive Energy Balancing Patent has been allowed, and is
in the process of issuing in the EU. That will bring the total number of world-
wide issued patents for CogniPower's core control technology to seven.

A US Patent covering enhancements of the Compound Converter has also been
allowed. These variations on the Compound Converter theme extend applicability to
forward converters capable of delivering hundreds of Watts, as well as to new
controls for flyback converters for high efficiency, low cost, AC/DC conversion with
near-ideal Power Factor Correction.

CogniPower technology now offers a continuum of improved performance and
efficiency for AC/DC conversion from the smallest wall adapters through the
most capable mobile device chargers, through to power supplies for flat screens,
set-top boxes, laptops, desktops, and network power.

A third patent was issued June 21st. This patent covers an extremely simple,
efficient, inductorless AC to DC technique that is suitable for low power, unisolated
applications. Application areas for this technology focus on the Internet of Things

The CogniPower Patent Portfolio now stands at nineteen patents issued or issuing,
with seven more patents pending.