Coilcraft's high-reliability chip inductors handle temperatures down to -55C



The ST312RAG Series 0603 chip inductors from Coilcraft CPS (Critical Products & Services) offer extended temperature ratings (-55C to 125C), higher Q and lower DCR than other commercial 0603 inductors, making them ideal for a broad range of extreme-temperature applications.

The ST312RAG Series is available in 43 inductance values ranging from 1.8 to 150 nH, with current ratings up to 800 mA. They offer Q factors to 40, DCR as low as 0.030 Ohms and SRF values as high as 16 GHz. ST312RAG inductors are offered with tolerances of 1%, 2% or 5%.

Pricing for the ST312RAG starts at $0.99. Standard versions are available direct from stock with custom modifications welcomed.