Coilcraft's mini coupled power inductor targets flyback and SEPIC apps



PFD3215 Series coupled chip power inductors

Coilcraft’s compact PFD3215 Series coupled chip power inductors provide high efficiency and excellent current handling in a rugged, low-cost part. PFD3215The dual-wound PFD3215 features a 1:1 turns ratio and is designed for use in a variety of circuits including flyback, multi-output buck and SEPIC.

These versatile inductors can also be used as two single inductors connected in series or parallel, as a wideband transformer or as a common mode choke. Measuring just 3.2mm x 2.3mm x 1.5mm, they are an ideal choice when board space is limited and a low profile is desired. Typical applications include tablets and other battery-operated mobile devices requiring precise voltage regulation, efficient charging, and maximum operating time.

The PFD3215 comes in 8 inductance values from 0.39uH to 10uH and current ratings to 2.4 Amps.

Free evaluation samples and complete technical specifications for flyback and SEPIC applications are available, and pricing for the PFD3215 is $0.31 each at 1,000 pieces. Parts are available from stock.