Collection of high-precision current sensors by VACUUMSCHMELZE in a new Sample Kit



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VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG (Hanau) now offers a new Sample Kit comprising a broad selection of their most widely used high-precision current sensors for accurate measurement of DC and AC current. The convenient and easily portable case contains current sensors with integrated electronics for both PCB through-hole and panel mounting arrangements. Samples with current ratings from 2 A to over 700 A RMS (1200 A peak) are included. The company's sensors are based on its pat-ented closed-loop system using magnetic probes as zero field detectors to deliver outstandingly precise current measurements with excellent temperature stability and minimal drift. VAC current sensors are capable of recording both instantaneous and continuous currents and are extremely compact. VAC sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications, including solar in-verters, frequency converters, UPS systems, welding inverters and switched-mode power supplies. Infrastructure components for electric vehicle applications such as charging stations are a promising field of development for the future. The new Sample Kit contains compact sensors for nominal currents ranging from 2 A to 700 A and peak current up to +/- 1200 A. It also includes sensors for single rail +5 volt power supply with voltage output and +/- 12 …15 volt supply with current output. Thanks largely to the unique magnetic probe, VAC's Hanau-designed sensors offer outstanding accuracy (typically within 0.2%) and minimal DC offset with very low hysteresis. Further benefits include near-zero temperature dependence and long-term drift. Overall, VAC sensors levels of precision is typically twice that of corresponding Hall element based sensors, with negligible output noise or periodic signals. The sensors feature very fast response times (typically 0.1 … 0.2 μs) and operate over a wide frequency range from DC up to 200 kHz. Perhaps unexpectedly for such an advantageous product, they are also very competitively priced. VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC), based in Hanau, designs, produces and markets advanced materials, primarily magnetic but also with other physical properties, and related products. In 1914, the first vacuum furnace laid the foundation for today's VACUUMSCHMELZE, which has 1,400 employees. Industrial vacuum melting techniques for alloys have been in operation since 1923. VAC Group today achieves annual sales of around 350 million euros in over 40 countries and is the holder of more than 600 patents, placing it among the world's most highly innovative developers of advanced industrial materials. VAC's range of products comprises a broad array of semi-finished products, parts, inductive components for electronics, magnets and magnetic systems for use in a wide variety of fields and industries spanning watch-making and medical technology, regenerative energies, shipbuilding, installation, and the automotive and aviation industries. VAC's custom solutions are developed in close collaboration with the customer, reflecting the company's expertise in materials and state-of-the-art production technology. Find out more at