Comau wins Volvo Quality Excellence Award



Comau has been awarded the “Volvo Quality Excellence Award” by Volvo, for an innovative industrial project undertaken five years ago that is still in full development. This important recognition was made at Volvohallen in Torslanda (Gothenburg), Thursday, January 28th. The award was given for a project related to the provisioning of production facilities for the XC90, S90 and V90 cars, in which Comau developed the commodities “framing” using the geometric transportation system VersaPallet (a system made by Comau). The technological core of the plant consists of a framing station, where 10 robots simultaneously assembly the body of the three different models.

In order to successfully complete the project, Comau has leveraged its advanced know-how and the most advanced design techniques, based on virtual engineering and virtual commissioning, which facilitates a significant reduction in design time as well as project deployment risks.

The results achieved, however, would not have been possible by only relying on the company’s technological skills, vital as they are. Comau has managed to achieve the “Volvo Quality Excellence Award” largely through the efforts of the people who were involved in the project, day after day, and thanks to the corporate values ​​that guide them. In particular: willingness to listen to customer needs, reliability in terms of the commitments undertaken, and an iron will to achieve the promised results.
Only in this way was it possible to arrive at a fruitful and transparent cooperation with Volvo Cars, to whom Comau today extends its thanks for receiving the “Quality Excellence Award”.