Common Mode Choke Handles Currents up to 9Adc


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SAN DIEGO ― Pulse Electronics’ Power Business Unit has introduced the PA4339.XXXNLT Small Form Factor Common Mode Choke series for switch mode power supplies. The low profile PA4339.XXXNLT series is the most compact power line common mode choke on the market today that is capable of handling currents up to 9Adc. The compact design allows for a higher impedance per unit volume when compared to other chokes.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Low profile (3.8mm max) package

  • Wide range of current/impedance offerings (140ohms/9A to 1300ohms/2.5A)

  • Excellent high-frequency impedance characteristics


  • Common mode choke to reduce high-frequency conducted common mode noise

  • Appropriate for low-voltage (<80Vdc) applications, operating at up to 9Adc current

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