Comms at a Cost

Cliff Keys, Editorial Director & Editor-in-Chief, Power Systems Design



We are currently featuring the Communications sector. Here in Europe, it is just incomprehensible to imagine the way we live and work today without the richness and connectivity that modern communications provides - even with the excessive roaming charges we have to suffer. We can be connected by all our mobile devices as never before. The communications systems we take for granted today are so rich in features, all of which require power and sophisticated power management for remote or portable operation. Not only this, but the service providers and data centres are becoming ever more powerful and have a driving need for better power efficiency which also is facilitated by our industry innovations. In this issue of PSD we are covering not only the issue of powering efficient communications systems, but also how companies are coping with this particular design conundrum. For instance our PowerPlayer features Alex Lidow of EPC, the Gallium Arsenide Company's CEO with his interesting perspective. We are seeing our industry pioneer the powering and supporting of this burgeoning industry right from micropower management of portable devices to the heavy duty requirements of the cellular and datacenter installations. Good for our business in the power sector, but very challenging. Additionally, navigation features are becoming standard in smartphones like Apple Inc.'s iPhone as well as in tablets and gaming devices, the market for electronic compasses is set to close this year with sizable 73% growth, according to a new IHS iSuppli MEMS & Sensors special report on magnetic sensors from information and analysis provider HIS. Global revenue for electronic compasses is expected to reach $419.1 million in 2011, up from last year's $242.3 million. The hefty growth this year continues the explosive 186% surge seen by the market in 2010, with strong double-digit expansion assured for the next few years as well. By 2015, revenue is projected to amount to $842.2 million, an increase of more than threefold from 2010. All the best Cliff Cliff Keys Editorial Director & Editor-in-Chief Power Systems Design