Compact Size SMD Package CAN/RS485/RS232 Transceiver Modules


MORNSUN launched the new cost-effective and compact size TDx31SCANH(FD), TDx31S485(H/H-E/H-A), TDx31S232H Series transceiver modules in SMD packages.

The transceivers assist fast signal response in industries of power grid, industrial control, and transportation(rail, automotive), etc.

The series adopt the SMT process, which enables customers to easily achieve automated processing, and greatly reduce costs. Compared with the traditional DIP package, its board area(the dimension is 17.00x12.14x9.45mm) is reduced by nearly 40% which makes the customers’ design more flexible.


Widely used in the applications of power grid, industrial control, and transportation (rail, automotive), etc.


• Compact size, SMD Package17.00*12.14*9.45mm

• Isolation: Two- port isolation 2500 VDC (input and output are mutually isolated)

• Integrated power supply, bus isolation and ESD protection in one module

• Baud rate of up to 5 Mbps(CAN)/500kbps(RS485)

• The bus supports 110(CAN)/256 (RS485) nodes

• ESD protectionIEC/EN61000-4-2 Contact ±4kV Perf.Criteria B

• Designed to meet EN62368 standards (Approval Pending)

• Operating ambient temperature range: -40℃ to +105℃CAN/-40℃ to +85℃RS485/RS232