Connector systems claims highest current density


Connector systems claims highest current density

Designed to provide high-end datacom OEMs and power supply manufacturers with an advanced solution,the EXTreme EnergetiC™ High-Current Connector System from Molex suits applications requiring up to 100.0A per bay. "Currently, connectors designed for high-end computing applications max out at 60.0A to 75.0A per blade," says Rich Benson, product manager, Molex. "We developed the EXTreme EnergetiC High-Current Connector System, supporting up to 100.0A per bay, in anticipation of the increased current density needs of next-generation power supply units." Complementing the EXTreme family of interconnect and power supply products, the EXTreme EnergetiC Connector System is available in a right-angle plug and vertical receptacle configurations, with 4- and 6-power blade bays and a 25-signal bay. A variety of configurations can be designed in a modular fashion to support demanding application needs. Molex