Connectors Facilitate Transition to 112G PAM-4


Newly optimized footprint features a more cost-effective design

HARRISBURG, Pa -- TE Connectivity (TE) introduced its STRADA Whisper R backplane connectors, which make future data center system upgrades easier. A newly-optimized footprint helps ensure low crosstalk noise and enables the migration path from 56G PAM-4 to 112G PAM-4.

STRADA Whisper R connectors use the same mating interface and are backwards compatible with TE's existing STRADA Whisper connectors while maintaining the same excellent electrical performance. In addition, thanks to a new design and a fully-automated assembly process, STRADA Whisper R connectors are more cost-effective than the previous STRADA Whisper design. The connectors are available in 4-pair configurations and 92 Ohm impedance for traditional backplane applications. With 92 Ohm impedance, they support both 85 Ohm and 100 Ohm impedance system requirements.

"Rising data communication speeds in applications like data centers, servers, storage devices and wireless infrastructure demand higher-performing connector solutions," said Sawin Saibua, product manager at TE Connectivity. "As the market prepares for 112G, we're introducing our STRADA Whisper R connectors as a cost-effective backplane solution with new footprint design that facilitates migration from 56G PAM-4 to 112G PAM-4."

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