Connectors Support Next-Gen Power with up to 140A/Contact


Solution provides higher power and signal density to save space and reduce power consumption

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- TE Connectivity (TE) introduced MULTI-BEAM Plus connectors, the latest evolution of its highly-successful power connector line. MULTI-BEAM Plus connectors share the same low-profile dimensions and enable the same through-system airflow as previous designs such as MULTI-BEAM XL, MULTI-BEAM XLE and MULTI-BEAM HD power connectors. MULTI-BEAM Plus connectors satisfy the demand for higher-power solutions by providing a high current per power contact at a maximum of 140A/contact or 100A/contact per four adjacent contacts. In addition, the scalable and modular MULTI-BEAM Plus design also supports greater flexibility in configuration and PCB design.

The new MULTI-BEAM Plus power connector is manufactured with thicker material and features a high-density tail to carry higher current. Separated power contacts improve dimension stability. MULTI-BEAM Plus connectors are suitable for data center and telecom equipment, industrial automation devices, and power systems.

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