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Weller soldering station

Conrad Business Supplies now carries two soldering station products recently launched by leading electronic production and assembly equipment manufacturer Weller. The WSD 81i (80 W soldering iron) and WSD 81iSE (65 W soldering iron) add to the existing range of more than 350 Weller products already stocked by Conrad.

The design of the two new soldering stations has been optimised for user-friendly operation, precision, flexibility, safety and cost efficiency. Both provide tight temperature accuracy of ±2% across a range spanning 50°C to 450°C. The temperature locking feature guarantees an optimal soldering process and high quality solder joints. Multiple tool compatibility coupled with quick-and-easy tip changes adds to versatility and suitability for a diverse range of soldering operations.

Through extra-low voltage operation and by not using high frequency technology, safety is maximized and ground monitoring is not needed. Both the WSD 81i and WSD 81iSE are ideal for use in electrostatic protected areas. Meanwhile, an automatic energy saving mode and extended life soldering tips help keep running costs low.

“Conrad is pleased to extend the comprehensive range of industry-leading electronic production equipment it offers from Weller” said Markus Obermeier, Product Manager, Category Business Supplies at Conrad. “These two new soldering stations comprehensively meet industry needs for accurate high performance soldering equipment that also fully considers safety and cost efficiency.”

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