Converter suits micro-cell transmitter and power amplifier apps



Packaged as an industry standard open-frame quarter brick module with through-hole mounting, the Murata Power Solutions PAQ series of 150 Watt isolated DC-DC converters has a 2:1 input range of 36 - 75 VDC around a nominal 48 VDC input. The single 29.8 VDC nominal output can be trimmed from 23.83 (-20%) to 32.78 (+10%)VDC in order to accommodate an application's specific voltage requirements. With an efficiency of 92.5%(typ), the device can deliver up to 5 Amps output current from the fully regulated output. An optional baseplate is available for use in conduction-cooled designs such as sealed box RF power amplifiers that are often mounted on radio masts. For these applications the converter and baseplate are fixed directly to the host equipment chassis. In this way the operation of end-equipment is efficiently maintained despite being situated in a potentially demanding physical environment. The high efficiency of the PAQ converter greatly assists in reducing operating costs due to less waste power being generated and helps maintain the unit's reliability. Protection features include output over voltage, over current protection, input under voltage and over temperature shutdown. A remote On/Off control option offers negative or positive logic input. Input / Output isolation is provided by 2,250 VDC Basic insulation. The PAQ is ideally suited for use in a broad range of radio frequency power amplifier applications such as telecommunications infrastructures, CATV systems, satellite communications, RF test, and MRI imaging equipment, as well as in micro cell transceivers and indoor Wi-Fi installations. With delivery lead-times from stock to 12 weeks, OEM pricing to $35.00. Murata Power Solutions