Cooler Master and CoolChip Technologies forge partnership



Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop
components and peripherals, and CoolChip Technologies, a leading
fabless technology house of thermal management solutions,
announced a partnership to bring kinetic cooling technology to the
multi-billion dollar PC gaming and DIY markets.

The increasing demand for more powerful devices in ever-smaller form
factors creates concentrated heat loads that are difficult to cool,
especially in gaming electronics. With the introduction of CoolChip's
Kinetic Cooling technology, now there is the opportunity to deliver up
to 50% improvement in cooling and achieve a 2x smaller form factor at
significantly lower noise levels - critical elements in today's
high-density electronics world.

With Kinetic Cooling Engines powered by CoolChip Technologies, Cooler
Master is able to develop products that offer critical protection for
the underlying electronics that deliver the high-quality computing
experience that consumers demand. Cooler Master's retail products will
benefit from more efficient, smaller form factors, lower thermal
resistance, and reduced noise levels.

"Over the last four decades, everything in the computing industry has
changed exponentially," said Will Sanchez, Co-Founder and CEO of
CoolChip Technologies. "However, fan cooling technology simply hasn't
kept pace. Today's partnership announcement with Cooler Master is the
first step in rendering the traditional heat-sink plus-fan approach
obsolete in the power hungry gaming console industry."

"CoolChip Technologies is solving the computing industry's
multi-million dollar efficiency problem," said Dr. Howard Lin, head of
retail thermal division of Cooler Master. "By using Kinetic Cooling
Engines versus traditional cooling methods, consumers will see dramatic
improvements in thermal performance at significantly lower noise
levels. Additionally, the potential for smaller form factors using
Kinetic Cooling Engines will save critical space and allow for design
innovation. These benefits ultimately will allow our customers to
create products that deliver a superior consumer experience."

Demonstrations of the CoolChip Technologies/Cooler Master product will be
available at CES at the Palms Hotel from January 6th to January 9th.

CoolChip Technologies

Cooler Master