coolingZONE thermal management eConference to feature IoT



The 15th annual coolingZONE Thermal Management Summit for electronics thermal engineers take place October 20-22, 2015 in a globally-accessible, online summit covering thermal management, heat transfer and energy transport at all hardware levels from individual components to the Internet of Things.


The coolingZONE-15 Summit comprises expert live speakers from a range of thermal specialties. Every speaker will answer audience questions during or after their webinars. In coolingZONE tradition, the Summit’s goal is to provide more than formulas, including practical answers to questions about theory and applications.


A key focus of this year’s event is on cooling technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). Speakers will address the full spectrum of cooling from wearables to data centers (The Cloud).


Across the three days of general presentations, engineers will gain a deeper understanding of electronics cooling across many thermal topics, including:

Data Center Predictive Real Time Thermal Management, presented by Dr. Cliff Federspiel
Computer Server Open Bath Immersion Cooling, presented by Phil Tuma
The IceCool DARPA Project, presented by Dr. Mehdi Asheghi
Liquid Cooling of 10Kw Racks, presented by Henry Coles
Heat Pipes, presented by Dr. Rahul Mulinti
Cooling Wearables and Handhelds with Flexible Thermal Ground Planes, presented by Dr. Y.C. Lee


coolingZONE-15 also offers two separate technical courses:

Thermosyphons: How to Properly Size, Choose and Deploy, by Vineet Barot, and Analytical Modeling in Thermal Management Design, by Dr. Kaveh Azar


The general coolingZONE-2015 three-day summit is US $165.75, which includes a 15% discount on the regular $195 price through October 5. Individual sessions during the general coolingZONE summit can be attended for $41.65 during the 15% discount period. The Thermosyphons and Analytical Modeling courses are each priced at $165.75 each through the discount period.