CoolSiC MOSFETs: Maintenance-free servo drives without fans


Infineon is supporting the robotics and automation industry in implementing maintenance-free motor drive inverters.

By introducing the new CoolSiC MOSFET with .XT interconnection technology in a 1200 V optimized D 2PAK-7 SMD package, passive cooling becomes possible. Up to 80 percent loss reduction compared to a silicon-based solution eliminates the need for cooling fans and related services. The devices enable high efficiency in various power ratings for servo drive solutions, additional applications profiting from the SMD devices include compact charging infrastructure and industrial power supplies.

“Automation solutions without cooling fans open up a new reality when it comes to savings on maintenance effort and material,” said Peter Wawer, Division President Industrial Power and Control at Infineon. “By combining CoolSiC trench MOSFET chip with .XT interconnection technology we enhance the thermal and cycling capabilities in a small package form factor. This also allows a compact integration of the drive within the motor or into a robot arm.”

A servo drive is the “activator” of the motor in manufacturing equipment. Ohmic conduction losses and fully controllable switching transients of SiC MOSFETs are a perfect match with the load profile of such motors. An 80 percent system loss reduction is possible, even for the same EMC level as for IGBT solutions, at dv/dt:s of 5 to 8 V/ns. The new CoolSiC MOSFET SMD devices come with a short-circuit withstand time of 3 µs. This meets servo motor requirements where relatively small inductors and short cables are in use.

The new portfolio is rated from 30 mΩ up to 350 mΩ. The .XT technology allows up to 30 percent extra loss to be dissipated through the chip-package interconnection, compared to standard packages. The CoolSiC .XT portfolio shows best-in-class thermal performance and cycling capabilities, resulting in up to 14 percent higher output current, or doubled switching frequency, or 10 to 15 K lower operating temperatures compared to standard technology.


The 1200 V CoolSiC MOSFETs in D 2PAK-7 package can be ordered now. Infineon plans to extend the SMD package portfolio also in 650 V, with more than 18 new products (R DS(on) 25 to 200 mΩ) to be available as engineering samples in 2021.