Coto Tech's RedRock TMR analog sensor offers high sensitivity



RedRock RR110-A111-00 TMR analog magnetic sensor

Coto Technology has released the new RedRock RR110 wafer-based TMR (Tunneling Magnetoresistive) analog sensor. Offering strong magnetic sensitivity, high directionality, small package size, and a highly-competitive price, the RR110 analog sensor is ideally suited for continuous fluid measurement applications including countertop appliances, white goods, utility meters, medical devices, security and anti-tampering applications, industrial positioning, and other proximity sensing applications.

With minimal design effort, the RR110 can easily replace a complicated, costly, and vulnerable bare glass reed switch ladder like those often seen in fluid level sensing applications with a single sensing element. The highly linear response of the RR110 provides reliable functionality with a wide range of magnets across wide activation distances. The sensor features high resistance to shock and vibration while the industry standard SOT-23 package provides a ruggedized package that can handle tough environments. Likewise, it ensures maximum manufacturability for automated pick and place operations.

The Coto Technology RedRock RR110-A111-00 TMR analog magnetic sensor is immediately available through Coto's distributors at a single unit price of $2.95 (with high volume application pricing below $0.50). An evaluation kit (RR1EK2-0001) is also available directly through Coto. The kit - which contains a motherboard with both an RR110 and RR130 mounted at opposite ends, a magnet, and other accessories along with full documentation - can be obtained for evaluation by contacting Coto.

Coto's RedRock line of TMR sensors & switches also includes the RR120 Series digital sensor and the RR130 Series digital switch, each catering to the needs of advanced magnetic sensing applications. They offer high sensitivity and ultra-low power consumption in the same industry standard packaging as the RR110. A catalog containing datasheets for all three RedRock sensors can be downloaded from Coto's website.

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