Cree Announces New Surface-Mount RGB LED




Cree’s CV94D-FCC LED delivers the industry’s best message sign image quality and readability, with better image contrast and text readability than all existing message sign solutions. It provides matched far field patterns from each LED, makes pictures and text look better over the entire viewing angle and at a greater distance, and it outperforms all existing SMD LED solutions in the Intelligent Transportation Systems market.

The new CV94D reduces complexity with a single RGB pixel placement instead of three discrete placements – two thirds fewer devices to bond to the panel.  Furthermore, on each device, each sub-pixel is perfectly placed relative to its neighbor, resulting in superior far-field uniformity and precision. These production advantages translate into superior color mixing versus traditional SMD or through-hole LEDs. The new CV94D IP X8-rated enables the LED and its lenses to be directly exposed to the environment, which will allow for simpler and lighter weight circuit boards and superior optical performance compared to existing products and production methods.

The CV94D is the brightest 30-degree RGB 3-in-1 SMD LED on the market today, which results in more vibrant signage visible from a greater distance. It is an application-optimized LED that solves the most difficult system-level illumination problems.

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