Cree’s PT62SCMDxx dual SIC MOSFET drivers now at Mouser



PT62SCMDxx Dual SIC MOSFET Driver Boards from Cree

Mouser Electronics, a leading authorized distributor with the latest in semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the PT62SCMDxx Dual SIC MOSFET Driver Boards from Cree. Designed to drive the CREE CAS300M17BM2 SIC MOSFET modules, the PT62SCMD12 and PT62SCMD17 single-board solutions are dual silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET gate drivers optimized to ensure maximum performance for SiC modules. These boards are developed for Cree by Prodrive Technologies and are production-ready, with all the features required for an IGBT module gate driver.

The Cree PT62SCMDxx Dual SIC MOSFET Drivers, available from Mouser Electronics, feature a wide power supply range from 15V to 24V. The two single-board solutions provide different driving capabilities - the PT62SCMD12 is a 1200V driver, whereas the PT62SCMD17 is a 1700V driver. Each SIC MOSFET Driver solution provides low jitter at 1ns (typical), gate driving at +20V/-6V, switchable frequencies up to 125kHz, and output currents up to +/- 20A with high dV/dt immunity. Both solutions require no optocouplers, and communicate through an RS422 input interface.

A built-in dead-time generator enables both solutions to be fully adjustable for both dead and blanking time. Other features of the PT62SCMDxx Dual SIC MOSFET Drivers include over-current protection and under- and over-voltage lockout.

Cree PT62SCMD12 and PT62SCMD17 single-board solutions

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