Crouzet releases brushless motor specifications guide



Crouzet specifications guide

Crouzet Motors has released a 20-page specifications guide covering two series of its high performance DCmind Brushless Motors and gearmotors, all featuring integral electronic controls for industrial, medical, mass transportation and alternative energy applications. In addition to complete specifications and dimensions, the new guide includes speed/torque curves, connection diagrams, applications, a software overview, and information on the brand as a whole. A convenient product range chart makes it easy to compare and choose the appropriate combination of motor type, power, and desired Nm gearbox.

The full color PDF details both the TNi21 and SMi21 series of DCmind brushless motors with power capabilities from 38 to 192 Watts (1/20 to ¼ HP) and matching planetary and right angle gearing for virtually any speed, and torques to 120 Nm (1,062 in-lbs). With their built-in electronic controls, the motors save space and installation time while providing integral intelligence and safety with internal thermal protection. Other important characteristics include an optimized control loop that allows simple and accurate motor management, carefully designed internal thermal protection for improved safety, and intuitive, easy-to-use software.

"This specifications guide is an excellent tool for engineers to quickly understand and choose whether their application can be best met with the relatively simple TNi21 speed and torque control version or the more sophisticated SMi21 motion control positioning version of the DCmind Brushless motors and gearmotors," says John Morehead, Crouzet Motors National Sales Manager. "Crouzet Motors ability to provide adaptations and customization makes these brushless smart motors very attractive to OEM customers looking for motorization solutions that specifically fit their needs."

The SMi21 Series is designed for motion control applications that require precise accuracy. This is accomplished with its 4096 step encoder to control position, torque, speed, direction, braking and other functions. The SMi21 also offers intuitive, easy-to-use setup software with a variety of application modes to speed start-up while optimizing functions. The SMi21 can quickly and easily apply motion to an axis while replacing a separate controller, drive, motor and encoder in significantly less space with less cost.

The TNi21 Series was designed for high power density applications dedicated to speed and torque control and incorporates four inputs (two analog), three outputs for four-quadrant operation and regenerative braking. Depending on its use in medical, packaging, robotics, and other applications, it can be used on its own, or in combination with other motors or controlled by a PLC.

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