Current Limiters Designed for Voltages From 280 V AC to 560 V AC



TDK Corporation has extended its range of EPCOS PTC-based inrush current limiters. The four new versions of the B5921*J0130A020 series with plastic housing are designed for voltages from 280 V AC to 560 V AC, offer rated resistances from 22 Ω to 100 Ω at 25 °C and have a heat capacity of up to 2.3 J/K. They are UL approved and are qualified to AEC-Q200. The B594* and B597* series of leaded disk components offer rated voltages of between 260 V AC and 560 V AC. Depending on the type, their rated resistances are between 25 Ω and 1100 Ω. Also type-dependent, these protection devices have been approved in accordance with UL, IECQ and VDE. All types of both series are RoHS-compatible.