Current Probe Kit Facilitates Safe 480V Panel Connected Load Studies


Kit includes thru-panel connector that eliminates need to open or power-down the cabinet to set up NEC 220.87 and Cal OSHPH load studies

POWERetc Corporation announces the availability of the CCPK-6 Cabinet Current Probe Kit that enables routine panel capacity studies to be performed in 480V panels – without the need to open or power down the panel. The kit includes a 4-phase, 6”-diameter MicroFlex current probe assembly rated at 4000A, a thru-panel cabinet adapter/connector, and an exterior jumper cable to connect the METSyS logger to the cabinet connector plug. By facilitating the setup of the METSyS logger and POWERetc’scustom report generator package, the kit makes it easier to conduct Cal OSHPD (PIN 38 for medical facilities) and NEC 220.87 (Exception Method) connected load studies.

“Panel-capacity connected load studies that comply with NEC 220.87 or OSHPD studies in California medical facilities are very common – and challenging,” said Bruce Lonie, President of POWERetc. “Live panel setup of these tests requires use of PPE and, in many cases, powered-down setup isn’t even possible, particularly in hospital environments where critical loads are affected. Our new permanently-installed METSyS adapter kit allows facility personnel to safely and quickly conduct these studies without interrupting power.”

POWERetc is the exclusive North American distributor of the METSyS current logger. Click here for complete information about the METSyS Logger System.