CWIEME Shanghai doubles in size



CWIEME Shanghai

CWIEME Shanghai, Asia’s first dedicated exhibition for the transformer and electric motor manufacturing industries, has increased the number, quality, and variety of its exhibitors, and is anticipating almost twice the number of visitors for its 2015 edition this June. Taking place across 11,000m2 at the newly opened National Exhibition & Convention Center in the greater Hongqiao area of the city, CWIEME Shanghai returns for its second year bigger and better than before. This year CWIEME Shanghai is co-organised by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Electronics & Industry Sub-Council (CCPITECC) and sponsored by the Chinese Electrical Equipment Industrial Association (CEEIA). So far 150 exhibitors have confirmed their participation in the event, while visitor pre-registration figures are going strong.

More than 5,000 international visitors from major manufacturers are expected to attend – almost double the number last year, when 81% had a strong influence on company purchasing decisions.

Among the exhibitors at CWIEME Shanghai 2015 suppliers of raw materials and components for the manufacture of electric motors account for 57%. These motors are applied in wind power generators, industrial equipment, household appliances, automotive electronics, communications and electronic acoustics etc.

Suppliers of raw materials and components for the manufacture of transformers account for 40% of the total number. These transformers are used in sectors such as power distribution, photovoltaics, computers, automotive, domestic electric and consumer electronics.

Returning visitors can expect:

A 50% increase in coil winding machine manufacturers, such as Tanac, Marsilli, Ozma, Detzo, VC and Pengda.
A 36% increase in insulation material suppliers, such as Synflex, DuPont, Longpont, Jufeng, Metastar and Friend.
A 115% increase in motor and transformer component suppliers, such as Microtherm, NYP and Trophy.
A 95% increase in iron core suppliers, such as R. Bourgeois, Tempel, Zhenyu, Posco and Schuler.
A 77% increase in the provision of related services and equipment, including glue injecting, soakage, welding, tin soldering and lasers, such as EFD, Leadboom, RAMPF and Puxuan.

“The market for our exhibitors’ materials and components in China has ballooned in recent years,” says Haf Cennydd, CWIEME portfolio director. “China is the world’s third largest importer, with electrical components among the most popular items, while the equipment and vehicles that these items go into making are a major export for the country, going from €6 billion in 1992 to €361.5 billion in 2012. This makes CWIEME Shanghai an excellent choice for companies looking to increase their business abroad.”

Beyond developing relationships with new and existing customers and suppliers, CWIEME Shanghai also offers electrical engineers, designers, buyers and decision-makers invaluable opportunities to network, gain ideas and inspiration and keep up with all the latest market and technological trends and advances.

Exhibition and conference combined

Last year’s popular seminar programme – featuring expert speakers from Von Roll, IHS Research, ABB and the China Iron & Steel Research Institute – will also return on a grander scale.

“The seminars are such an important part of the CWIEME shows, rivalling those of many commercially run conferences – and they’re entirely free. The content is specifically designed to fill potential audience knowledge gaps and help visitors discover solutions to technical issues they might never have even thought of,” says Chloe Theobald, content manager for the CWIEME series.

This years’ topics have yet to be finalized but will likely focus on the challenges posed by ever-increasing global efficiency standards and regulations, alongside the high performance and low cost expectations throughout the coil winding and electrical manufacturing supply chain.

“We are thrilled at the reception the CWIEME brand has had in China and are looking forward to welcoming even more international exhibitors and visitors to the National Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai this June,” says Rachel Cowdrey, senior brand manager for CWIEME.