D3 Semiconductor Superjunction +FETs™ Push Performance Envelope



New entry into competitive power semiconductor market offers 650V-rated models in a wide variety
of package configurations; claims across-the-board, industry-best FOM

D3 Semiconductor, a company bringing together affiliated semiconductor companies and top-talent experts, announces its inaugural entry into the power semiconductor market with the launch of its +FET™ line of 650V-rated superjunction MOSFETs.  +FET MOSFETs enable high-efficiency solutions for a range of hard-switched applications, including PFC boost and inverters used in telecom, enterprise computing, UPS and solar.


The new +FET product roll-out includes over 50 devices with 13 different RDS(ON) ratings ranging from 1000 mOhmsto 32 mOhms. Packages types include: traditional thru-hole (TO-220/TO-220FP), surface-mount (DPAK/D2PAK) and advanced surface-mount (5x6/8x8) devices. For all package sizes and ratings, D3 Semiconductor’s +FET devices exhibit a Qg RDS(ON) FOM (Figure of Merit) that is among the highest available.


The high efficiency of the new +FET MOSFETs, gained by lowering switching and conduction losses, helps to simplify thermal management. The devices’ smooth switching behavior reduces switching noise and drives faster design cycles by lowering the need for snubber circuits. Their advantage of higher ampacity per package type improves power supply density, which in turn enables the use of advanced surface-mount packages in higher power designs. 

“In addition to the +FET’s excellent performance and reliability, our roadmap is changing the DNA of power devices by infusing mixed-signal functions into high-voltage switching devices,”said Tom Harrington, D3 Semi’s Chief Technology Officer.

“The initial product lineup of +FET devices are high-performance superjunction MOSFETs that offer socket-for-socket alternatives to competitive parts,” said Marty Brown, Senior Consultant for D3. He further added: “Their capabilities place more control into the designer’s hands so that systems can be optimized for power density while reducing design cycle time. Extensive benchmarking of these products is already proving their world-class, competitive performance.”

  •  Pricing in USD for a 650V/80mOhm +FET in 1k quantities:  $1.84
  • Typical lead times are 10 weeks  

D3 Semiconductor