Daetwyler Clean Energy achieves significant fire safety rating



Daetwyler Clean Energy (DCE), announced the designation of Class A
fire rating for their Eco-Top rooftop solar racking system. The
company voluntarily submitted their assembly for testing through
Underwriters Laboratory (UL) fire testing as part of the firm's
proactive approach to safety and quality. "Throughout its entire
40-year history in the US, the Daetwyler brand has been driven by a
desire to be the best at what we do for our clients," says Bill Taylor,
President of DCE. "Our solar energy company has been committed to
achieving the most stringent testing to now include UL classifications
for fire safety and other compliance considerations from our very first
day in business."

The Eco-Top racking system was awarded the Class A distinction in
accordance with various UL requirements. Specifically, the system meets
the standards set forth in UL 1703 (2014) Section 31.2 and UL 2703
(2012) in compliance with UL 790 (2004) "Standard Test Methods for Fire
Tests of Roof Covering" for low slope applications. These test results
will be used to further certify the Eco-Top line as fully UL2703
compliant - a standard required in some States like California for 2015
but that will be nationwide requirements by 2016. "The UL-certification
process is very detailed and takes time for testing and evaluation,"
explains Taylor. "We firmly believed in obtaining this certification
sooner, rather than later, so that our clients could move forward with
new installations without worrying about compliance or reinstallation
in the future. If we are really going to support the growth of solar in
a meaningful way, the worry-free safety aspect simply must be in place
for everyone we serve."

The immediate benefit of the new UL Class A Fire Rating is that all
contractors, developers, installers, and other solar industry
stakeholders will have a clearly recognizable standard of quality to
look for when choosing racking and mounting products. The Eco-Top line
is one of the most rigorously tested and most reliable systems
available, while still offering competitive up-front costs and
long-term savings on installation and maintenance.

Daetwyler Clean Energy