Dashboard functionality in Tempus Decisionware from ProSymmetry conveys what-if and simulation results at a glance



ProSymmetry™ has dashboard functionality in the Resource Planning module of its Tempus Decisionware™ that provides an effective method for conveying the results of a simulation or what-if analysis to upper management. The dashboard functionality allows users to quickly understand analysis results, including problems and opportunities as well as over- and under-utilized resources. Its "at-a-glance" capability places the powerful analysis delivered by Tempus Decisionware in a new light, providing a dynamic roll-up with the ability for decision-makers to focus on periods of time in a portfolio lifecycle or strategic planning window. The Dashboard functionality takes users beyond the hard analysis, easing the ability to identify top projects as well as over- and under-utilized resources via labor and cost. Problems and opportunities become clear with this new capability in Tempus Decisionware. Residing in the Tempus Decisionware's Resource Planning module, the dashboard-functionality feature identifies over- and under-budget situations, captures total resource spend and allows users to visualize the impact of varying resource rates on the portfolio over time. Tempus Decisionware enables decision-makers to proactively manage resource allocation and conduct real-time, what-if analysis to identify and resolve labor and cost constraints. With powerful modules combined in one package, Tempus Decisionware simplifies and optimizes resource planning, quickly identifies costs and labor savings, and uncovers growth opportunities. In addition, it provides the capability to engineer project plans to minimize risk and maximize value with powerful visualization and valuation tools. ProSymmetry