Dataforth Offers Real-Time Online MAQ20 Demos



Dataforth Corporation has developed two online MAQ20 demonstrations that allow users to experience both real-time interaction with a MAQ20 and remote access to a MAQ20 system from anywhere.

For the Process Simulator Interactive Demo, Dataforth built a hardware module that acts as a process simulator. Dataforth engineers connected this hardware to a MAQ20 and, using the Dataforth website, which utilizes the MAQ20 Python API, customers can interact directly with the hardware using their browsers. It’s also possible to witness the interaction via a live video feed directly from a camera pointed at the actual hardware in Tucson.

For the Weather Station Demo, Dataforth engineers connected a commercial weather station and its sensors to the MAQ20 at the Tucson facility. The demonstration uses the MAQ20 Python API on the server to sample the MAQ20 and displays real-time weather reports directly in the customer’s browser. Visit for additional information and a graphic of the system diagram.

When connected, the webpage source code uses AJAX to connect to the server and request the latest weather station data. A python application on the server polls the weather station MAQ20 every 2 seconds for real-time data, which is then used to update the display in the browser window.

In all cases, the challenges were met using a combination of the 25 MAQ20 input/output modules. Applications included high channel count temperature measurements, highly accurate sensing measurements, and remote system health monitoring. Specific cases included measuring the effect of ambient temperatures on the thermal behavior of an optical telescope, controlling valves to channel vehicle exhausts into different capture-vessels for later analysis, and maximizing the burn time of wood logs to achieve clean exhaust and minimal waste.

Dataforth products directly connect to most industrial sensors and protect valuable measurement and control signals and equipment from the dangerous and degrading effects of noise, transient power surges, and other hazards present in industrial environments. Dataforth products are manufactured in the USA and are RoHS II compliant. The company operates under an ISO9001:2015 registered and certified Quality Management System.

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