DC-DC Converter Delivers 120W with Vin Range of 9-36Vdc



Murata Electronics announced that it has expanded its UWE family of DC-DC converters by Murata Power Solutions to include the UWE-Q12 series. This new product offers greater design flexibility because of the 9-36Vin range, 120 Watt rating, high efficiency, and cost effectiveness that it delivers. Further, the eighth brick 120 Watt version provides industry leading power, density, and efficiency as it encompasses the latest technology for fixed frequency switching in power supply architectures. 

The UWE-Q12 Series offers modules with a fully regulated output of 5V, 12V, or 24Vdc, all rated at 120W. The product series is offered as an open frame package or with an integrated baseplate for conduction cooling applications and provides a basic I/O insulation system rated at 2,250Vdc isolation. All modules are configured with standard Positive On/Off logic control function with an optional Negative Logic On/Off control configuration. In addition, it features short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, Vout trim, and over temperature protection. The topology also supports a pre-biased output at start-up, simplifies the application of the modules in an IBC application, and eliminates reverse currents that can damage critical circuitry.

The UWE-Q12 Series is ideally suited for industrial and integrated test environments. Target applications include industrial controls, railway systems, lighting, intermediate bus applications, networking equipment, wireless networking equipment for mobile applications, smart grid, and other functions requiring a 120W regulated source. To view the data sheets and request samples, visit www.murata.com.