DC-DC Converter Range Offers up to 6kV Output from 24V input

Ally Winning


XP Power’s HRC05 series of 5W regulated high-voltage DC-DC converters can provide an accurate and reliable output of up to 6000V

There are a huge variety of requirements for power supplies. While the majority of consumer systems can be powered from standard off-the-shelf power supplies and USB-C chargers, there are many other systems that require highly specialised equipment. Some of these, like industrial drives, need very large amounts of current to operate. Other applications need high voltage, but relatively low currents. Examples of the latter type of application would include medical imaging, industrial measurements and high voltage biasing. These applications can often demand thousands of volts at extremely high accuracy to operate effectively.


As with almost every other application, customers are demanding more features, higher efficiency, robustness and a smaller sized package. The smaller sized package in particular has traditionally been difficult to achieve for high voltage products. Applications that use these types of supplies are normally very expensive and need to be operational whenever required to pay back the initial investment. Because of the demands that are placed on them, these power supplies can often malfunction, which is expensive and time consuming.


These are the designs that XP Power is targetting with its new HRC05 series of 5W regulated high-voltage DC-DC converters. The company has developed the range to be flexible enough to fill as many of these applications as possible, while integrating new features and making the devices more rugged for a longer operational life. To shrink the size of the package, XP Power used a topology with a low component count, combined with clever design in both the layout and the module’s PCB. The smaller package allows the supply to be located closer to where it is required. The package itself measures only 65mm x 33mm x 14mm, and is a PCB mount, convection-cooled unit. It is housed in a UL94V-0 rated encapsulation material and 5-sided aluminium case that is internally grounded to provide maximum robustness. For further long-term reliability, the package and the vacuum encapsulation make it ideal for potting. The operating temperature range of the HRC05 series is -40°C to +70°C with no current derating over the range. Stability is 100ppm over 8 hours (after a 30-minute warm-up).


The devices have an input voltage requirement of 24VDC, but can easily operate from a supply between 22VDC and 30VDC. The 18 models in the family feature positive or negative DC outputs ranging from 0V to 350V up to 0V to 6000V. The outputs are fully adjustable from 0 to 100% with the onboard 0 to +5VDC reference input for high voltage integration and control. The DC-DC converters also feature voltage and current monitor outputs in the standard package. As for performance, the devices have accurate and reliable high voltages, with low line and load regulation (<0.01%) and excellent ripple performance (<0.01%).


The HRC05 series offers short circuit, arc, overload, and over-temperature protection circuitry and remote on/off to ensure the safety of both the device and the application in which it is installed. All models are approved to IEC/UL/CSA/EN 62368-1, 61010-1 standards and are UKCA & CE marked to applicable directives & legislation for use globally.