DC-DC Converters Perform Local Voltage Conversion to 48V



MIDDLEBOROUGH, Mass. - Sager Electronics is now stocking TDK-Lambda’s i3A Series of 100W non-isolated DC-DC converters.

TDK-Lambda's i3A power modules perform local voltage conversion from a 12V, 24V, or well-regulated 48V bus. The i3A series utilizes a low component count that results in both a low cost structure and a high level of performance. The open-frame, compact 1/32nd brick design features a low profile and weight that allow for extremely flexible and robust manufacturing processes. The ultra-high efficiency allows for a high amount of usable power even in demanding thermal environments.

The i3A series features a wide output adjustment (3.3 to 16.5V or 5 to 30V), constant switching frequency, and requires minimal external components.

Also available from Sager Electronics, TDK-Lambda’s i6A series of 250W non-isolated DC-DC converters, featuring up to 250W of output power in high ambient temperature, low airflow environments with minimal power derating.

The new i3A series of non-isolated DC-DC converters from TDK-Lambda are in stock at Sager Electronics.

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