DC Motors and Gear Motors Target Security Applications



Syosset, NY - Announced by ISL Products International Ltd. is the ability to deliver value-added brushed (BDC) DC motors and brushless (BLDC) DC motors which may be  supplied with either planetary or spur gearheads. These fully customizable DC motors and DC gear motors are built to OEMs’ exact specifications to provide a turn-key component solution in diverse and demanding security-related applications. The brushless DC motors offer superior speed and exact position control, long life, high motion efficiency, high power density, low maintenance, low noise, and compact size. They are controlled by a feedback mechanism that enables them to ensure precise output parameters, i.e. speed and torque.  This control supports reduced energy consumption and less heat generation. Lower-cost brushed DC motors, which do not require a controller, facilitate simple integration, industry-wide compatibility, high speed-to-torque ratio, and exceptional durability.

ISL’s value-added DC motors, DC gear motors and assemblies are uniquely optimized for the broadest array of applications wheresafety and security are critical and off-the-shelf motors are not suitable.   They are most commonly employed in automated door locks and automatic door openers, ADA compliant access control, emergency exit doors (push bars), electromechanical access control, ATM machines, surveillance systems, automatic gates, electric turnstiles, and security transportation devices.They are further appropriate for use in safes, vaults, shipping containers, electric combination locks, articulating monitor mounts, industrial machinery, and vending machines.

ISL’s DC motors’ configurations range from simple 1” long micro designs to complex gear motors measuring up to 6” long.  DC motors’ electrical and physical specifications are customizable according to each application’s particular requirements and are frequently provided as a drop-in replacement motor assembly to further help speed time to market. Customers can order brushed or brushless DC motors, or couple them with a gearhead to meet exact values for any electrical and mechanical specifications, including torque, speed, voltage, current draw, shaft variations, mounting holes, cams, pulleys (press-fit), lead wires, connectors, encoders, etc. 

To learn more about ISL's value-added brushed (BDC) DC motors or brushless (BLDC) DC motors component modification capabilities and assembly services, visit www.islproducts.com.