DC/DC Converters Provide 400nA PWM/PFM Ultra-Low Quiescent Current



­Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has launched 400nA PWM/PFM Ultra-Low Quiescent Current, Step-up DC/DC Converters--XC9145 series.

The XC9145 series reduces current consumption to 400nA with an ultra-low current consumption circuit. By adopting PWM/PFM control method, the efficiency at light load, especially at the output current of several μA, has been greatly improved compared to conventional product (fig.1). Efficiency at VIN=2.4V、VOUT=3.3V、IOUT=10μA reaches 89.9%, which works well with the MCUs and SoCs whose power consumption is getting lower. Without complicated control, the constant boost operation significantly reduces the power consumption of devices with a large system standby ratio, such as IoT/portable devices. It also contributes to longer battery life.

We use an ultra-small WLP-6-05(1.28 x 1.08 x h0.4mm) in XC9145 series package (fig.2). This makes it possible to save space in the IC mounting area. Even if peripheral parts (small coil, small ceramic capacitor) are externally attached, mounting area can be accommodated within 5.4 x 6.7 mm (Fig. 3). In addition, the high efficiency during standby makes it possible to reduce the size and capacity of the battery. It also contributes to the miniaturization of the entire device.

Operating ambient temperature corresponds to 105℃. The XC9145 series are suitable for Industrial equipment/IoT/mobile/wearable and all devices that place emphasis on emphasize better life where small size, saving area , high efficiency performance at a light load current are important.

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