DC/DC supplies designed for fast-switching GaN drivers



DC/DC supplies designed for fast-switching GaN drivers

Gmunden, Austria - GaN devices are set to supersede existing IGBTs and MOSFETs in many applications, offering superior performance, lower losses and higher switching speeds. What does not change is the need for isolated high-side drivers and isolated driver power supplies with an insulation barrier that can cope with the high switching voltages, demanding operating temperatures and fast slew rates. To handle these tough requirements, RECOM has developed two new isolated 1W DC/DC converter series to power the latest GaN drivers.

High slew-rate GaN transistor drivers require isolated +6V supplies with high isolation voltage and low isolation capacitance. The RP-xx06S and RxxP06S series offer an output voltage of +6V which is sufficient to efficiently switch GaN HEMTs without causing a gate dielectric breakdown. Typically, a safe DC/DC isolation voltage should be at least twice the working voltage, but the high ambient temperature and fast switching edges generated by these high-power transistors cause additional stress to the insulation barrier. Therefore, the internal transformer design of these converters uses a pot-core to physically separate the input and output windings providing up to 6.4kVDC isolation to ensure that the isolation barrier stands up to even the harshest operating conditions. Despite the high isolation grade, they still fit into an industry standard SIP7 case, thus saving valuable space on the circuit board. These converters are available with input voltages of 5V, 12V, 15V or 24V and feature a low isolation capacitance (<10pF). They are IEC/EN-60950-1 certified and fully compliant to RoHS2 and REACH. For certain GaN applications, where higher noise and transients have to be accommodated into the design, RECOM also offers converters with +9V output, which can be split via a Zener diode circuit to +6V and -3V to provide a negative switching gate voltage as well. For reliability and a long operating lifetime, RECOM uses only high quality name-brand components in their designs and therefore can offer a three-year warranty. Samples are available from all authorized distributors.

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