DELO's epoxy-resin-based adhesives provide faster curing at 60°C



DELO Industrial Adhesives now offers high-strength epoxy resin-based adhesives that offer excellent adhesion to sensitive plastics as well as fast curing times at low temperatures. DELO-DUALBOND LT2216, ideal for electronic and optoelectronic applications in the automotive and consumer electronics industries, reaches full strength within 90 minutes at 60°C after prefixation by light.

This new dual-curing adhesive offers excellent adhesion to LCP, PA and PPS. It is used in applications where fast fixing of components and curing at a low temperature is needed. Because of this, it is especially suitable for use on temperature-sensitive substrates where higher temperature can damage delicate components.

DELO-DUALBOND LT2216 enables prefixing, which is particularly beneficial on production lines where components are directly transferred from one step to the next following dispensing and fixation. Prefixing can occur in just a half of a second when exposed to light, greatly reducing errors after component placement, like slipping of individual components. The low curing temperature of DELO-DUALBOND helps reduce thermal stress and shock between materials, limiting the impact on the component being bonded.

A medium strength, more flexible dual-curing modification of DELO-DUALBOND LT2216 is also available.

The company has also enhanced its 'heat-curing only' DELOMONOPOX LT adhesive with an accelerated curing speed from 90 minutes to 30 minutes at 60°C.

Ideal for optical packaging applications, this adhesive also offers excellent adhesion to many plastics including LCP, PA and PPS as well as to metals and FR4 composites.

Designed for bonding and casting of infrared LEDs, micro-optics and image sensors in compact camera modules as well as other electronic assemblies, DELOMONOPOX LT offers low thermal stress and moderate shrinkage during curing as well.

Technical Specifications

DELO-DUALBOND LT2216 reaches full strength at 60°C after prefixation with light
DELOMONOPOX LT cures in 30 minutes at 60°C
Both DELO-DUALBOND LT2216 and DELOMONOPOX LT adhesives offer excellent adhesion to LCP, PA and PPS
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