Deltalis Radix Cloud data centre shortlisted in EMA 2012 awards


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Most extreme Data Centre deployment

Mountain site for cloud computing data centre

Deltalis RadixCloud data center located deep within the Swiss Alps has just been shortlisted for the finals of DatacenterDynamics EMEA 2012 Awards in December, in the category ‘Most Extreme Data Center Deployment'. The supplier Minkels and the operator Deltalis see it as a recognition for their ‘modular' thinking in the data center environment. Deltalis RadixCloud lies deep inside a mountain near the Swiss Gotthard massif. This location offers clients of Deltalis an extreme secure Tier IV colocation facility. It's also a highly energy-efficient data center facility, using the mountain's natural cooling resources (glacier water, for example) to set new standards in Green IT. Formerly housing the Command and Control Centre for the Swiss Air Force, the rock chambers of the Deltalis RadixCloud data center provide a huge space. The data center consists of several multi-storey buildings built into the granite rock, providing its customers with military-grade secured colocation space. Deltalis has vaulted ceilings in separated rooms and pillars around which colocation facilities had to be created. At this extreme location, data center supplier Minkels, part of the global organization of Legrand Group, implemented its modular data center products. Modular data center energy efficiency Minkels was specifically selected by Deltalis for its modular approach, delivering modular data center equipment such as Minkels Varicon M data center racks and Minkels Cold Corridor aisle containment for an energy-efficient separation of cold and warm airflows. "The modularity and energy-efficiency of Minkels' solutions fully matched our detailed and location specific requirements," says Michael Imfeld, VP marketing & sales at Deltalis.  "Modularity in the data center being offered, together with Minkels' approach to fully customize its service on top of that, helped us to create a maximum of efficiency in our data center infrastructure. The infrastructure now connects seamlessly with the capricious cave-like environment." Modularity and full customization on top of - but also within - modular options are key features to the Minkels' data center says Jeroen Hol, CEO of Minkels: "By offering modularity and full customization as standard features we do not only meet challenges associated with deployment in ‘difficult' locations such as the Swiss Mountains project, it also facilitates current developments regarding the evolving data center dynamics and increasing need for flexibility and scalability when it comes to cloud computing and virtualization." Deltalis Minkels