DesignCon introduces keynotes and new technical director Janine Love



UBM Tech has announced that Janine Love has been promoted to Technical Director of DesignCon. Responsible for the development and integration of the two new wireless and optical conference tracks, Janine is already actively engaged with DesignCon 2014 and will continue working with the advisory board to further develop the conference’s technical program —including technical papers and tutorials— as well as begin spearheading EDN’s new PCB Design Center and the soon-to-be-launched DesignCon Central. Buoyed by Janine’s recent contributions and the announcement of three prestigious keynote speakers, DesignCon’s award-winning program and level of industry support continue to expand for the 2014 conference, which will take place in Silicon Valley January 28 – 31, 2014.

“Janine will be filling some rather big shoes currently been worn by Barry Sullivan, who will be transitioning out of the Technical Director role after DesignCon 2014,” said Katie Stern, General Manager, DesignCon at UBM Tech. “It’s a role Janine has been actively preparing for, having worked closely with Barry, as well as one in which we know she will succeed. As a writer and editor in the electrical engineering field since the dawning of the ‘wireless age,’ Janine has the ability to develop technical content and collaborate effectively and with ease.”

The 2014 DesignCon program, which comprises the largest educational conference and technology exhibition for chip, board and systems design engineers in the high-speed communications and semiconductor communities, will provide attendees with an array of in-depth technical education and training opportunities, including keynote addresses from the prestigious Dr. Hermann Eul, Vice President and General Manager of the Mobile and Communications Group at Intel Corporation; J. Thomas Pawlowski, Chief Technologist of the Micron Innovation Team at Micron Technology, Inc.; and Eileen Bartholomew, Senior Vice President of Prize Development at XPRIZE.

· Prof. Dr. Hermann Eul - On Tuesday, January 28, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from the first of three visionary keynote speakers, Prof. Dr. Hermann Eul, Vice President and General Manager of the Mobile and Communications Group at Intel Corporation, where he is currently focused on leading the development of hardware, software and connectivity ingredients for phones, tablets, Ultrabooks™ and other mobile devices, and complete system solutions. Eul joined Intel in February 2011 when the acquisition of Infineon's wireless solutions business was completed, forming Intel Mobile Communications, a subsidiary of the company. President and General Manager of Intel Mobile Communications, Dr. Eul was responsible for developing wireless communication products for mobile phones, tablet computers and other connected devices.

· J. Thomas Pawlowski - The second keynote speaker for DesignCon 2014 is Chief Technologist of the Micron Innovation Team at Micron Technology, Inc., J. Thomas Pawlowski, who will present on Thursday, January 30. Currently responsible for determining and defining innovative products that expand the breadth of Micron's product offering, Thomas has also been responsible for memory architecture and product definition in networking, communications, PC and server applications, including products built on SRAM, DRAM and FLASH processes during his tenure with the company. Thomas has created or co-created the following DRAM and SRAM devices: reduced latency DRAM II (RLDRAM™ II); pipelined, burst, synchronous SRAM (used in Pentium® and PowerPC® systems); Zero Bus Turnaround™ (ZBT®) SRAM (used in network and communication systems); double data rate (DDR) SRAM; Quad Data Rate™ (QDR™ SRAM (versions I, II, and III); and several other products yet to be released. Thomas holds over 80 U.S. and international patents with more pending.

· Eileen Bartholomew - The final keynote speaker for DesignCon 2014 is Eileen Bartholomew,
Senior Vice President of Prize Development at XPRIZE, the global leader in the creation of incentivized prize competitions whose mission is to encourage radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. Ms. Bartholomew has more than 15 years of extensive experience creating innovative programs for public, private and non-profit organizations, which has made her an especially adept leader of the prize development efforts at XPRIZE. In addition to her current position, Ms. Bartholomew has held several leadership roles in the life sciences and healthcare industries, in which she helped clients worldwide identify, plan, launch and sustain a wide range of medical products and services ranging from blockbuster drugs to specialty pharmaceuticals and niche medical devices.