Development expands audio amplifier technology


Development expands audio amplifier technology

Promising increased efficiencies, better sound, and more flexible operation, a new type of switched-mode audio amplifier based on Predictive Energy Balancing (PEB) from CogniPower is scalable from piezo speakers for cell phones to theater speakers. According to Founder Tom Lawson, "Because our Predictive Energy Balancing technology is already well developed for power conversion, applying the same principles to audio amplifiers has been relatively straightforward. A number of our previous patents already contemplated power amplifiers. Now we are demonstrating how PEB technology can remove unwanted harmonics from audio amps. The key is the fundamental nature of the technology which allows simplification to reduce cost and size, while efficiency and fidelity improve." CogniPower will have demonstration models running Predictive Energy Balancing for audio and power applications at Booth #122 during APEC 2013 from March 17th to 21st. CogniPower