Development kit features ultra-low power standby mode controllers


Development kit features ultra-low power standby mode controllers

Giving system developers a way to learn the features and benefits of the ANG101x family of power management ICs, the ANG101x Development Kit from Anagear shows how the devices can help them save energy in their system and speed the development of new battery and solar-harvesting powered applications. "Our power management ICs are the ideal solution wherever nano-amps matter. They enable much lower average system currents so manufacturers can use smaller batteries, extend battery lifetimes or switch to alternative energy sources. With the new development kit, we aim to help customers develop new mobile, portable and self-powered applications more easily and bring them to market faster," said Guus Dhaeze, vice president, sales and marketing, Anagear. The new development kit contains an evaluation board complete with a photovoltaic panel plus a full set of documentation including datasheets and user manual. When connected to a Windows PC, a user-friendly interface allows ANG101x register settings to be adjusted and the effect immediately observed. Also, access to the on-chip EEPROM allows default settings to be tailored to the specific application. ANG101x behavior can be monitored through external measurement equipment. Power is supplied from an on-board battery, or an auxiliary supply source such as that from the PC's USB port. The ANG101x Development Kit is priced at US$ 295.00. Anagear