Digi-Key Corporation and F-RAM-Pioneer Ramtron International Corporation Sign Global Distribution Agreement



Electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation, recognized by design engineers as having the industry's largest selection of electronic components available for immediate shipment, today announced it has signed a global distribution agreement with Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq: RMTR). Ramtron is a leading developer and supplier of nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory (F-RAM) and integrated semiconductor solutions. The distribution agreement will make Ramtron's entire line of F-RAM-enabled semiconductors available for purchase from www.digikey.com and Digi-Key's international websites. "The adoption of F-RAM technology and products is growing quickly and Ramtron is a leading supplier in this product category," said Mark Zack, Digi-Key's vice president of semiconductors. "We look forward to working with Ramtron as a pioneer in the research and development of ferroelectric materials and their integration into a variety of semiconductor products." Pioneered by Ramtron, F-RAM offers unique features relative to other semiconductor technologies. It is a nonvolatile memory that does not lose its data content when power is removed or interrupted. F-RAM combines the nonvolatile benefits of PROM (programmable read-only memory) with the speed and ease-of-use of RAM (random access memory) into a single device. Ramtron offers a portfolio of hundreds of innovative F-RAM-based solutions including standard, ultra-low energy, and wireless memory products. Available and in stock from Digi-Key, Ramtron products offer unique benefits to a wide variety of industrial, consumer, automotive, and military/aerospace markets. "Over the past several years, Digi-Key has embraced the online revolution - evolving to serve not only customers' evaluation and prototype component orders, but to serve worldwide customers' needs over the entire production life cycle," said Scott Emley, Ramtron's vice president of worldwide marketing. "By taking advantage of Digi-Key's comprehensive product launch, technical training, and online support infrastructure, Ramtron instantly extends its worldwide reach with its F-RAM-based semiconductor solutions." As the leading integrated Internet-based distributor of electronic components, information about and inventory of millions of products is accessible to customers around the globe, with all products shipped from Digi-Key's single, North American location. The company's integrated business model provides product and support information online to help put engineers and procurement professionals in control as they solve tough product development challenges. The company's online offerings and resources include: PTM® product training modules; TechZoneSM technology zones; Digi-Key toolbar; and a Mobile and Social Center. About Digi-Key Corporation As one of the world's leading, totally integrated, Internet-based distributors of electronic components, Digi-Key Corporation has earned its reputation as an industry leader through its total commitment to service and performance. Digi-Key is a full-service provider of both prototype/design and production quantities of electronic components. A testament to Digi-Key's unparalleled commitment to service, North American design engineers have ranked Digi-Key as the #1 Most Preferred Distributor (UBM/EE|Times Distributor Customer Preference Study/June 2011). With global sales for 2011 surpassing $1.5 billion, Digi-Key's single location in North America is one of its greatest assets. Visit www.digikey.com/worldwide for additional information and access to Digi-Key's broad product offering. About Ramtron and F-RAM Technology Ramtron International Corporation, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets specialized semiconductor memory and integrated semiconductor solutions used in a wide range of product applications and markets. Ramtron pioneered the integration of ferroelectric materials into semiconductor products that enabled a class of low energy nonvolatile memory, called ferroelectric random access memory, or F-RAM. Ramtron F-RAM products combine the high-speed performance of Random Access Memory (RAM) with high-integrity nonvolatile data storage, or the ability to save information without power. Since commercializing the technology, Ramtron has sold hundreds of millions of F-RAM devices into demanding applications such as automotive safety and entertainment systems, portable medical devices, industrial process control systems, smart electricity meters, and consumer printer cartridges. As the most energy-efficient of any nonvolatile memory technology on the market, F-RAM products promise to pave the way for the development of ultra-efficient battery powered products and energy harvesting applications. For more information, visit www.ramtron.com