Digital Power Analyzer Simplifies Power Measurements



Irvine, CA – Adaptive Power Systems Inc. (APS) is introducing a new, single channel digital power analyzer aimed at AC and DC power measurements. These new power analyzer address a wide range of product development and test needs for single phase powered consumer and industrial products as well as DC powered equipment and devices.

The new M1001 Series of power analyzers offers no less than eighteen current measurement ranges and six voltage ranges to allow maximum resolution and accuracy of voltage, current and power measurements.  Maximum voltage measurement range is ±800Vpeak. An internal current shunt supports load currents up to 20Arms or 20Adc. For higher current and power requirements, an external shunt input is provided.

In addition to basic power measurement functions like Watts, VA, VAR, Vthd, Ithd and Harmonics of both Voltage and Current, the M1001 power analyzer offer special measurement modes for commonly needed performance measurements such as ENERGY STAR / EN62301 Standby Power measurements or EUT Inrush Current measurements.  For Inrush current measurements of an EUT at different AC voltage start phase angles, the M1001 features a built in phase programmable, electronic EUT power switch that allows for programmable start phase angle to determine worst case inrush current.

Other unique measurement modes include power consumption accumulator measurement modes to determine EUT power consumption over a preset period of time.

All functions and measurement results of the M1001 power analyzers are controlled by its color display and front panel keyboard.  Operation is straightforward using cursor keys and a 10-digit keypad to navigate through menus and enter parameters. The large color display allows for a range of data display modes including scope like displays and both bar chart and table harmonics displays.  Color is used effectively to separate results by type.

The M1001 power analyzer is packaged in a bench-top chassis that can optionally be mounted in a 19” instrument rack requiring only 2U rack height. All M1001 Series models are available from immediate delivery.

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