Digital Step Attenuators Available in Various Configurations



pSemi's digital step attenuator (DSA) portfolio now includes a family of value, high-performance DSAs. The value DSA family—the PE43620, PE43650, PE43665 and PE43670—are offered in a 2-bit, 5-bit, 6-bit or 7-bit configuration and feature industry-leading attenuation accuracy at an entry-level price point. 
Available in compact QFN packages, these high-performance DSAs have low insertion loss and high linearity.
For 1K-quantity orders, the PE43620 DSA (2 bit, 50-ohm) is $0.63 each; the PE43650 (5 bit, 50-hm) is $1.44 each. The PE43665 (6-bit, 75-ohm) is $1.23 each, and the PE43670 (7-bit, 50-ohm) is $2.02 each. Volume-production parts, samples and evaluation kits will be available in September.

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