Diodes Delivers Plug-And-Play Efficiency Boost for Point-Of-Load Converters



Diodes Incorporated has expanded its DIOFET product portfolio with the introduction of two dual channel devices. The DMS3017SSD and DMS3019SSD integrate an optimized control MOSFET with a proprietary DIOFET into a single SO8 package to provide a high efficiency solution for point-of-load converters in consumer and industrial applications. The low side DIOFET device integrates a power MOSFET and anti-parallel Schottky diode into a single die. The typical low RDS(ON of the DIOFET ensures that conduction losses are kept to a minimum, while its forward voltage (VSD) is 25% lower than comparable MOSFET/Schottky solutions, thereby further minimizing conduction losses through the body diode during PWM deadtime. The high side MOSFET included in the DMS3017SSD and DMS3019SSD features low gate charge and fast switching, enabling high-side switching losses to be minimized. These device characteristics enable the DMS3017SSD and DMS3019SSD to deliver a point-of-load conversion efficiency of 94% under full load conditions while at the same time reducing footprint and improving circuit design by reducing the parasitic inductance associated with co-packaged or externally mounted Schottky diodes. The DMS3017SSD and DMS3019SSD also deliver this performance at a lower operating temperature than comparable solutions. The lower temperature operation of these components can also contribute to an improvement in reliability, since every 10°C reduction in MOSFET junction temperature doubles the lifetime reliability of the point-of-load converter. Prices start at $0.35 cents for 10K quantities. www.diodes.com