Diodes Inc miniature logic extends portable battery life


Fourteen common logic functions in three different packages

Click image to enlarge: Logic extends portable battery life

Diodes Inc has introduced a family of single-gate logic devices designed to save power and space in a broad range of portable consumer-electronic products including cell phones, e-readers, and tablet computers. Manufactured on a 3-V advanced ultra-low-power CMOS process, the 74AUP1G logic is pin compatible with industry-standard parts offering a package height advantage through its miniature DFN package options. Fourteen of the most common logic functions are provided in three different packages: the tiny footprint DFN1010 and DFN1410, both with an off-board height of just 0.4 mm, and a 5-pin SOT353 alternative. Operating over a power supply range from as low as 0.8 V up to 3.6 V, the 74AUP1G logic assures low consumption of static and dynamic power, conserving battery power. The complete family of 74AUP1G single-gate logic devices comprises AND, AND with open-drain output, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, inverters and buffers (simple, with open-drain output, and Schmitt trigger types), and tri-state buffers (output-enable low or high). The 74AUP1G logic devices are priced at $0.12 USD each in DFN1010 and DFN1410 packages, on 5k unit reels. SOT353 packaged versions are $0.10 USD each, provided on 3k unit reels. Diodes Inc