Diodes Incorporated Announces Linear Constant Current Driver - Versatile Control for LED Applications


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The AL8400 linear LED driver controller from Diodes Incorporated has been designed to tightly regulate a wide variation of high brightness LED currents via an external transistor. Suiting a broad range of LED chains in illumination, indication or signage systems, the controller can directly operate from 2.2V to 18V and will drive either N-channel MOSFET or NPN Bipolar transistors. The AL8400 has a very low 200mV current sense voltage which reduces operating voltage overheads and increases efficiency compared with traditional solutions. Its open collector output drives the external pass transistor allowing it to regulate LED currents from tens of mA to above an amp. Using an external pass transistor allows power dissipation and maximum drive capability to be optimized. Longer LED chains needing significantly more than 18V can be driven with minimal additional external components. The LED driver's low temperature drift and 3% reference voltage at 25°C outperforms most existing linear solutions while keeping BOM costs down at the same time. The AL8400 linear controller in its small footprint, low profile SOT353 package, delivers superior power density than many more common package alternatives and provides a low EMI solution. The AL8400 linear LED driver controller is priced at $0.18 each in 1k quantities. For further information, visit www.diodes.com/products