Diodes Incorporated LDOs Extend Battery Life


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Characterized by low dropout voltage and low quiescent current, the latest linear regulators from Diodes Incorporated suit low power handheld product design where extending battery life is a key design criterion. These dual fixed output devices; the 150mA AP7312, and 300mA AP7332 exhibit respective dropouts of 150mV and 300mV and typical quiescent current ratings of only 60μA. To enable full use of battery capacity down to 2V and to provide additional headroom for 5V sources, the low dropout regulators' input voltage spectrum is wide, at 2V to a maximum of 6V. The dual output devices provide designers with an extensive choice of 13 different fixed output voltage combinations, from 1.0V/1.0V through to 3.3V/3.3V. Integrating current limit, short circuit and thermal shutdown protection, the regulators do much to extend overall system reliability. MCU-based circuit design and space requirements are also reduced, with the regulators delivering two regulated output voltages for core and I/O from the single SOT26 or DFN2018-6 package. The regulators' ripple rejection of 65dB at 1kHz minimises supply current ripple in the face of changes in input voltage or load and their excellent transient response enhance overall system response. Device start-up time is fast at 60μs and outputs highly stable using just 1μF low ESR ceramic output capacitors. The 150mA AP7312 and 300mA AP7332 low drop out linear regulators are priced respectively at $0.14 and $0.15 each in quantities of 10k. Further information at www.diodes.com